Saturday, January 16, 2010

Better frame of mind

quote of the day:
"everyday might not be a great day, but there is something great about every day."
my friend brooke told me that. And i am sorry we were so negative early. we actually love everyone at our school. happy days.

the two cases of the wonder twins

quote of the day:
"I never let my school get in the way of my education."
-Mark Twain
Don't get me wrong. I actually really like school. I actually just got my 1st acceptance letter from college yesterday, so victory. I learn things. I see my friends. Its good and productive instead of being a slug on society. But i swear to god................. if there is any more drama today I am going to lose it. 6 girls all in love with the same boy, but no one wants to tell him how they feel? What a bunch of bs. Be a man and man up. Then maybe, just maybe, something might actually happen between the two of you. Wow, what a shocking concept.
I promised myself that I was not going to be angry in meoldramatic in blogs. But you know what? Who cares? Its how I feel at this moment and i hope that you appreciate the honesty. Maybe we care to much about other peoples bullshit. But you know what, I would always rather care too much. Maybe we are a little too nosy. Actually thats not a probably, its truth. But we accept it.
- i am excited for jack.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

pounce like a cat!

Sorry its been a long time since our last post. Oatmeal creme pies are quite distracting. And they have taken over our lives and bodies....literally. We were oatmeal creme pies for halloween. And i don't think they have made us any skinnier.

The other part of this is our new obsession with new german boy unamed number 1...but there is not a number 2, but that is just his new name. He has soft man hands. We also believe that under his eclectic german music t-shirts is the body of a crouching tiger.....again....very distracting.

Recently the hodge and jack have discovered the lifetime movie channel together. We both have always enjoyed this as our guilty pleasure, but once we spilled our deep secret together, we realized that this is just another reason why we are best friends. We watched an excellent feature film about a teenage boy who became "obsessed' with porn. im sorry, but since when has porn been bad? its perfectley healthy, normal and natural, and honestly; who cares what the 15 year old boy is doing alone in his room. you know what? just leave him alone! that is what he really wants. If he wants to stare at tities....good for him. At least it's a choice. People go all their lives without making the choice that they want. He wanted the good for him!

All in all, its been a good couple of months. Filled with donuts, zebra cakes and some good real housewives of atlanta.

Now we are off to Ci Ci's pizza and Buffet... the moment we have been waiting for. We will let you know how that goes. The jack may be so wounded that she can't drive us home. and thats ok.

quote of the day: "most of the time, trashy tv is actually really good."

Friday, August 28, 2009

kickoff destroys your mind

ummm, so i don't know who invented kickoff but they deserve a firm kick in the cooch. like i don't want to stand outside, in 102 degree weather with children i dont even like for 4 flipping hours. nope, i dont know anyone who wants that. and then no one remebers their forms, and you have to get back in the line, and carry 12 bagillion books to your car, and literally get in fistfights with people to see your counselor, and its just absoluteley the single stupidist thing mankind has ever come up with.

quote of the day: duck and cover

kickoff. something i have been trying to avoid. we all know that's not going to happen. my experience last year was... well lets not talk about it. okay i will. i was there 4 and a half freaking hours! and i was even ten minutes early. and that is good for me. i am normally at least ten minutes late to school everyday so i thought, ten minutes early rebecca, u are golden! apparently not. apparentyl everyone else had the idea to come 45 minutes early. so this year i wanted to be prepared. so i set my alarm for 6:40 and i woke up at 7:20. i ended up getting to school not when i wanted but i was like whatever. i get out of the car , and i am like great now i have to see 500 people i dnt like. this is going ot be great. . i had a great conversation with mrs. durso. and i avoided hte rest of the people i dnt like, minus a good 7 people. it was a much better expereince than i thought it would be. i get home and my arms are so tired, i can barely lift my water glass.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Losing our sanity in target

The Hodge and Jack had literally nothing to do yesterday. we debated for approximately 2 and a half hours and finally set the destination to home town buffet. and let us just tell you that was the best decision of our lives! we stayed there for about 2 hours and 15 minutes, and after our excessive food binge starting at 3 o'clock in the afternoon; we had adventures in target. at one point in target we pretty much forgot where we were and hodge ended up on the floor having a seizure and jack flipped into the cart becuase she was laughing so hard. there was this extremely skinnywoman looking at bathing suits who just looked at us and judged our antics, but honestly can you blame her, we looked like walking, talking, psycho, schiztophrenic, delusional homeless people. we probably shouldnt have eaten that much, we were very delusional and that whole night is a vague blur. but we got a nice nap in the furniture section and oatmeal cream pies were on sale for a buck 25, couldnt pass that up! which of course only added to the delusion. we purchsed an excellent movie for $4.75, i mean that is a great value. it was a great day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

battle at the beach

isn't it funny when you don't see people for the whole entire summer, and then you see these people four days in a row. this happens because all of your friends move to college and there is no one left!!!! And all the other people are not awesome enough to hang out with hodge and jack. Or they blow us off for their boyfriends....whatever. that's okay though, we can handle this. we are better than this. we are fine. so the hodge and jack and two unamed male friends took a trip to the beach yesterday and had a good time. there was a wet sand fight. which i will tell you hurts like a bitch and can leave welts. just to let you know unamed male boy number one, you did not win, the jack won for sure! anyway it was a good day, and the hodge and jack ended it with eating mexican food, and watching he is just not that into you. a very shitty movie we must say.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taylor and Rebecca's Daily adventures

so rebecca has an unfortunate situation. Her purse never had the little shoplifters tag removed, and now EVERY store we leave, all the sirens go off. So we went into bestbuy, and her coach purse sets off all the sensors, typical. So we made friends with a really nice black guy, who is like 6'5 and 275 lbs. And he deactivated her retarted purse, and we left without setting of any of the sirens, rebecca did a little kick in the air and it was a good day. We made good choices.
Quote of the day: "Classic pig"

Part 2 of this day.
Me and taylor enter forever 21 and are a little overwhelmed by that cluddered store. we lay our eyes on this like corset type shirt that is so fugly, i felt like the mira mesa prostitute wouldn't even wear it. so after about an hour..... yea whatever. we try our shit on and this woman, this random woman comments on taylors outfit that she tried on like she had a say. and she is like" oh girl, my daughter just tried on a really cute top, i think it would look good on you for the event you are going to". so taylor opens my curtain when i have no clothes on and i am like, "what the fuck was that!" and she is like " I KNOW!". so the woman is like oh girl here it is. it was the same hideous top we commented on at the beginning. we hid from her the rest of the day. end of story.